A charitable remainder unitrust and remainder annuity trust share many common advantages with two important distinctions. A charitable remainder unitrust pays the beneficiary a fixed percentage of the principal of the trust as it is revalued annually. This type of trust provides the donor with the flexibility to make additional gifts to the trust. In contrast, a charitable remainder annuity trust pays the beneficiary a fixed dollar amount, which is determined when the trust is established. Additional gifts to this type of trust are not permitted. Depending on your needs, you may find one trust arrangement more attractive than the other.

How It Works

1. Create trust agreement stating terms of the trust; transfer cash or other property to trustee.
2. Trustee invests and manages trust assets and makes payments to income beneficiaries that you designate.
3. Remainder goes to the Northshore Schools Foundation for purposes you specify.


• Payments to one or more beneficiaries that will vary annually with the value of the trust.
• Federal income-tax deduction for the charitable remainder value of your interest.
• No capital gain tax when trust is established; property is sold by the trust.
• Trust remainder will provide generous support for Northshore Schools Foundation.

Next Steps

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Please note that no information on this website should be considered as the rendering of legal, accounting or other professional advice. Please consult your personal tax and financial advisors before implementing a planned gift to charity, including the Northshore Schools Foundation. These investment options may have specific consequences for your estate planning. As always, we would be pleased to discuss in confidence how your gift can impact Northshore students.