The Foundation funds hundreds of different programs serving each of our 5 funding priorities. Programs are funded based on a District or teacher initiated application process, and review and approval by the Granting Committee of the Foundation board. Once programs have been approved, donors may designate their donations to support particular programs.

Some common designations include:

– Music program at Secondary Academy for Success
– Garden or environmental programs at Skyview, Kokanee or Inglemoor
– Classroom libraries for elementary teachers
– Robotics program
– Professional grade equipment for Bioscience, Hospital services
– Specialized equipment for students with special needs

How it works:

1. Meet with Foundation staff to review your designation request to insure it is within Foundation mission guidelines.
2. Using the most appropriate funding mechanism, make a one-time designation.
3. Your gift will be funded directly within 45 days of receiving funding.
4. You will receive acknowledgement of your gift from the program you designate as well as from the Foundation itself.
5. You will receive an annual update about the performance of the program and the progress we have made towards our goals.

Why is it important?

As a Foundation supporter, you may be more passionate about a particular program or project of the Foundation. The Foundation believes you should have the opportunity to designate your gift to the programs that you hold most dear.

Please note that no information on this website should be considered as the rendering of legal, accounting or other professional advice. Please consult your personal tax and financial advisors before implementing a planned gift to charity, including the Northshore Schools Foundation. These investment options may have specific consequences for your estate planning. As always, we would be pleased to discuss in confidence how your gift can impact Northshore students.