Memorial Designations

Through memorial contributions these people have been honored by family, friends, colleagues and community members with a gift to the Northshore Schools Foundation.

Their Memorial gifts have been designated to support programs that enhance the learning experience for the over 21,00 students in this Northshore School District.

Kathe Charouhas
Honored by:
Lisa & Scott Larson
Louise Tollefson
Nikki & Gary Sharnbroich
Jeffery Savage
Tracy Mukai
Maurice & Joan Fuller
Julie Bebee
Your dinner Tablemates
Susan & Larry Nakatsu
Surendid Rajpal

Wynne Estes
Honored by Michele Williams
Debbra Kashino
Ruth Clark
Eric & Sally Barnum
Scott Blackcurn
Dale Anderson
Donna Ford
Diane McMurry
Ann Panush
Lois Beal
Kathleen Zimberg
Terri Andrew
Jeanette Marquardt
Jan Graves
Sylvia Lesser

Kay Bowman
Honored by:
Meg Pomranz
Karen Rogers
Chris Brush
Helen Ziemkowksi
Joanne Burkett
Cindy Ries

Ed Gray
Honored by
Carmin Dalziel
Mary Ellen Green
Pat Peterson
Marilyn Tangen

Ed Praitus
Honored by
Arvind Bhat
James Fox
Leslie Gregg-Jolly
Lisa Tong-Chandler
Mary Norton
Stephen Chow
Caroline Maillard
Dana Praitus
Janine Whan-Tong

Maribeth Zwick
honored by
Sam R. Logozzo
Franklin Eldridge
Pilar Parker

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