Memorial Fund

When a loved one dies, keeping their memory alive is a way of honoring their life and finding comfort in your own life as a survivor. Some people do this by setting up a memorial fund so that the memory of their loved one lives forever. The Northshore Schools Foundation would be honored to help you honor your loved one by setting up a memorial in your loved one’s name.

How it works:

1. Once you determine how you want to make your investment, that gift is received with the designated intention of creating a memorial fund in your loved one’s name.

2. Meet with Foundation staff to determine the purpose of the memorial fund. Memorial funds can be designated to specific programs or to the overall operations of the Foundation.

a. Make a One-time Charitable Donation. If you’re interested in collecting memorial contributions and making a one-time charitable award with the proceeds, we can receive memorial contributions in your loved one’s name, acknowledge individual donors, and pay out the proceeds within a year.

b. Make a Gift to Endowment. If you do not wish to establish a separate fund but want your loved one’s name remembered, you may choose to make a contribution of any amount in his or her name to the Operating Endowment or the Grant Funding Endowment.

3. Annually you will receive an update about the performance of the funds and the progress we have made towards our goals.

Why is it important?

Many people today are suggesting that friends contribute to a memorial fund set up in the name of the deceased instead of sending flowers. Honoring your loved one with a memorial gift can make a lasting impact on thousands of students and help them meet their dreams.

Please note that no information on this website should be considered as the rendering of legal, accounting or other professional advice. Please consult your personal tax and financial advisors before implementing a planned gift to charity, including the Northshore Schools Foundation. These investment options may have specific consequences for your estate planning. As always, we would be pleased to discuss in confidence how your gift can impact Northshore students.